The Time Machine


She stumbled upon a time machine.  It was sitting in a field, seemingly unnoticed by everyone else.  Walking around it slowly…one time, two times, three times, she wondered if it was real.  It certainly seemed real.  It had clocks and whirly things and buttons and lights and even a flux capacitor.

After looking to the left and right to make sure no one saw her, she slipped inside.

Now, most people, upon entering a time machine, would ponder at length over where – or when – to go.  She did not.  She knew exactly where she would go.  She turned the dials and pushed the buttons and fastened her seat-belt (for time travel can be bumpy).

It was a July afternoon, a hot July afternoon.  And her life was about to change.  The limbo that had been her days was about to end, and she had a choice.  She had several choices, actually, but one loomed above them all.

So she took it.  She congratulated and smiled and took a deep breath.  Then she peeled off her fears and turned toward him.  She told him she wanted him, she wanted life with him, she wanted time with him.  She asked if he wanted the same things.  She risked herself.


And he said yes.  He said a resounding yes.  So she ran to him and embraced him and started the rest of her days, leaving the time machine behind.  She’d never need it again.

If only the time machine had been real…


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