Sleep Well


She sleeps better beside him.

She sleeps best when her head is curled into his chest, and his arm is around her, along with a leg thrown carelessly over.

Her rest is sweetest when it is punctuated with the sound of his silent inhale and and funny puff of exhale, sometimes with a tiny snore.

Her dreams are most peaceful when she can feel him at her back.  And when they are scary, the fear instantly subsides when she can roll over and touch him.

Slumbering deeply for hours…it happens most often when her body is in total relaxation after being tangled with his.

Yes, she sleeps better with him.

That is probably why she dreams of him every night.


Her Body


Her body

Arches toward him

Aches for him

Gives to him

Takes from him

Moves under him

Bends over him

Opens in front of him

Responds with him

Fits against him

Her body




Muscular man and sexy girl kneeling before him, close-up

She wants to taste him

She want to kneel in front of him

Take him in her hand

And feel him against her lips

She wants to trace him with her tongue

Kiss him

Run the flat of her tongue along his underside

Wrapping it around him

She wants to envelop him with her mouth



Moving her tongue over and over

Against the most sensitive parts

She wants to feel the inside

Of her cheeks against him

To look up at him

Watch his face

Hear him react with pleasure

She wants to feel his hips and thighs

His hand in her hair

Enjoying her movement

Her sucking

Her tongue and lips

Until that moment

When he grabs her hair to hold her still

And thrusts into her

All for him

Faster and harder

Until he is spent

And she swallows



More than words…

I have sat down to write more than once today.  My heart is too full for words.  Sometimes an image is all that will do.


And sometimes someone else has said what I feel as well as I ever could.


Or a memory is too vivid to be expressed.


A simple desire impossible to adequately articulate.


A primal need that is bigger than a line of poetry.


And action would be soooooo much more fun.