Sleep Well


She sleeps better beside him.

She sleeps best when her head is curled into his chest, and his arm is around her, along with a leg thrown carelessly over.

Her rest is sweetest when it is punctuated with the sound of his silent inhale and and funny puff of exhale, sometimes with a tiny snore.

Her dreams are most peaceful when she can feel him at her back.  And when they are scary, the fear instantly subsides when she can roll over and touch him.

Slumbering deeply for hours…it happens most often when her body is in total relaxation after being tangled with his.

Yes, she sleeps better with him.

That is probably why she dreams of him every night.


Every Day


Every moment spent with him,
Although he’s far away,
Adds a burst of color
And excitement to the day.
He can multiply my smiles
And make me feel cared for,
Giving me some laughter
As my heart feels so adored.
Whether we are sharing thoughts
Or treasured memories,
All my days are brightened
By the words he speaks to me.
And when I lie down at night
Under the moonlight’s beams,
I know he’ll make me smile again
By visiting my dreams.



Sing me a lullaby safe in your arms

Rock me to sleep with the depth of your charms

Make my eyes heavy with love and desire

Wrap me in warmth with your passionate fire

Come by my pillow, where I rest my head

I’ll be the blanket, and you be my bed

Lead me to slumber while thin moonlight beams

Then hold my hand as we enter my dreams

While I Sleep


While I sleep

The moon rotates around the earth,

the earth around the sun.

The stars send their millennia-old light,

The grass grows imperceptibly,

The breeze blows.

While I sleep

The cat next door prowls,

My puppy curls against my back,

The garden spider tries again

To build a web by the back door.

While I sleep

I dream,



Make bargains with myself,

Make and break promises to my heart,

And realize again

I’m not quite ready

To let go

Without a parachute.

I still need you.

Sweet Dreams


Now I lay me down to sleep,

Knowing to my dreams he’ll creep.

After I begin to doze,

He’ll come and remove my clothes.

How will my sweet dream begin?

With his hands upon my skin.

And the unparalleled bliss

Of his oh so perfect kiss.

Dreaming, wrapped up in his arms,

I’ll succumb to all his charms.

Feeling his strength over me,

Surrounded by passions free,

Gazing into darkest eyes,

As his touch elicits sighs.

Drawn together by desire,

Fantasies are set on fire.

Wrapped in safety, bathed in trust,

Filled with love in every thrust.

Manly fingers laced through mine,

Rocked in tender love divine.

Flying higher with each moan,

Greedy for his final groan.

Tangled in my satin sheet,

Dreaming of his kisses sweet.

Waking to the silent scream,

Hungry for another dream.

And I drift away again

So more passion can begin.