His Roar


I love it all

The quickening intensity

The drop in the pitch of his voice

The flexing of muscles

The dilation of black swallowing blue

The tautness that begins in his cheeks and spreads to his mouth

But most of all

At the culmination

I love his roar

The final, primal pronouncement

That he is man

And I am woman.

It is the sound of power and claiming

And intimacy and lust

And joining flesh and hearts.

It is his roar

And when it fills my ears

I soar.



If she could

Tonight, if she could, if he were hers and she were his…


She would have cooked something that was his favorite.  And under the comfortable outfit she had changed into after morning church, she would have put on her raciest undies, just waiting for the chance to show them off.  She’d wait on him, serve him, smile a little more than usual, flirt a little more than usual.  She’d watch him as he took her hand and bowed his head, and she’d hold her breath and remember it wasn’t a dream that he was actually hers.

She’d put away the dishes, and if he helped, she’d bump into him unnecessarily and let her chest brush against his arm.  She’d drop a fork and bend over slowly to pick it up in front of him.  She might even give his backside a little pat as she passed him to put the butter back in the refrigerator.  He’d make a remark and laugh in that voice she knew so well, and if he tried to grab her, she’d slip just out of the way and pretend to scold him.

She might let him flip through the channels a little on the sofa…it would all depend on how patient she thought she could bear to be.  But at some point she’d block his view of the television and straddle his lap.  She’d whisper something much more interesting than a rerun into his ear.  She’d kiss and and kiss him until he was kissing her back in that insistent way with his hand in her hair. He’d take off her shirt and blow out a whistle or sigh at the sight of her bra.  She’d do the same at the sight of his chest before she ran her fingertips through the hair.  Before they were completely naked, she’d take his hand and lead him to the bed room, walking backward so she could look at him all the way down the hall.

She’d take in every inch of him as he stood there, and she’d shiver as he touched her.  She’d savor every moment, read every sound and sigh he made.  She’d learn and relearn all the right spots, all the right kisses, all the right moves, until his knees were weak.  She’d react to every touch and kiss because he always did that to her.  Always.  And when he took her, she would keep her eyes open and watch him watching her.  She’d smile and sigh and moan and wait for his word.

And then she’d let go, they would let go, and his groan would echo in her ears.  She would hold him tightly and love the weight of him over her. She’d keep her hand on him as he rolled over and pull herself to him. She’d whisper endless words of love and inhale him deeply and thank every star in heaven that he was holding her.

If she could.  Every day.  Every night. Forever.

Saving Sarah Jane


(Photo from the movie, The Duchess, 2008)

Sarah Jane

In Ballroom Secrets, Sarah Jane is the jealous rival who sets up Lillianna’s scandal.  She is forced into marriage with Robert, a man of terrible and abusive character.

In the second Ballroom novel, I wanted to focus on poor Sarah.  Her lot in life could have broken her, but it has, over the years, made her compassionate, mellow, and a devoted mother to her son, who is now 6 years old.  Robert hardly darkened the door of his home after their honeymoon, so she has lived in relative peace, other than the rumors and stories she hears about his misdeeds.

All that changes, though, when Robert descends upon their home after an absence of nearly a year and insists upon taking young James with him to begin a boarding school.  Sarah is heartbroken, but she is powerless to stop Robert, and so she becomes almost a recluse in her southern home.

A storm tears through Florence several weeks later, and her home is all but destroyed.  A relative agrees to allow her to stay in their country home, where she is completely alone save a maid, a cook, and the single gardener employed to tend to the estate.  He is rough and strong and, to Sarah’s surprise, a poet.  Without meaning to, she falls in love with him.  If Robert discovers, their affair, however, it could mean being cut off from James forever, and Sarah must make a difficult choice to risk everything to keep those she loves.