Sleep Well


She sleeps better beside him.

She sleeps best when her head is curled into his chest, and his arm is around her, along with a leg thrown carelessly over.

Her rest is sweetest when it is punctuated with the sound of his silent inhale and and funny puff of exhale, sometimes with a tiny snore.

Her dreams are most peaceful when she can feel him at her back.  And when they are scary, the fear instantly subsides when she can roll over and touch him.

Slumbering deeply for hours…it happens most often when her body is in total relaxation after being tangled with his.

Yes, she sleeps better with him.

That is probably why she dreams of him every night.


The ceiling


The ceiling in my bedroom is a “trayed ceiling.”  I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly.  The first level is bordered in the same gold/yellow color as the walls. The second level is bordered with a rich brown.  The ceiling itself – in the middle – is an almost white.  It has the same almost white molding to accent each level.  In the middle of the ceiling is a light/fan with glossy, mahogany-colored blades.  They need dusting.  The fixture has four light bulbs, and one of them started flickering a bit last night; I’ll probably need to change it soon.  The outer corner of the ceiling has a cobweb I need to bat down with a broom. I’m glad it’s a smooth, painted ceiling instead of a popcorn ceiling.  I’m not a fan of popcorn ceilings.

These were the things I noticed when I couldn’t sleep last night.



Sing me a lullaby safe in your arms

Rock me to sleep with the depth of your charms

Make my eyes heavy with love and desire

Wrap me in warmth with your passionate fire

Come by my pillow, where I rest my head

I’ll be the blanket, and you be my bed

Lead me to slumber while thin moonlight beams

Then hold my hand as we enter my dreams

While I Sleep


While I sleep

The moon rotates around the earth,

the earth around the sun.

The stars send their millennia-old light,

The grass grows imperceptibly,

The breeze blows.

While I sleep

The cat next door prowls,

My puppy curls against my back,

The garden spider tries again

To build a web by the back door.

While I sleep

I dream,



Make bargains with myself,

Make and break promises to my heart,

And realize again

I’m not quite ready

To let go

Without a parachute.

I still need you.

Wrapped in Dreams


Wrapped in sheets, she bids goodnight,

Holding to her pillow tight.

Body curled, prepared to sleep,

Easing into slumber deep.

Soft hand curled beneath her chin,

Bedding trapped between her shins.

Gently curving naked spine,

Parted lips the hue of wine.

Muscles languid, bed their mold,

Hair spread like a halo gold.

Shadowed light from moonlit beams,

Watch over romantic dreams.

And when her dreams begin to rise,

She stirs with heavy-lidded eyes.

She pulls the sheets across her skin,

And drifts away to dream again.

Pink Champagne

She doesn’t drink too often, and she never drinks too much.


But tonight, when she discovered the forgotten bottle of pink champagne –

Something she had bought for a recent celebration and had forgotten to open –

She couldn’t resist.

It had been a long evening.

Cooking dinner, folding clothing, hearing about the day’s details.

All things that made her feel like a woman of practical purpose,

A good and fulfilling thing for a woman to feel.

But as she sipped the first glass of champagne while rereading

An old novel of passion and unexpected endings,

She left the freshly folded towels and Chinese food behind.

She was a shy young woman learning to become a mistress,

Enchanting the man who vowed to spend only a month with her

As he taught her what was expected.

She’d read it before.

It was a fiction spun in a setting nearly two centuries earlier.

And as she sipped the second glass of champagne,

She felt herself smile.

The taste was sweeter,

The soft black fabric of her shirt softer,

The feel of her fingers along the keyboard different.

She felt the hair she had brushed earlier against her cheek as she bowed to read the screen.

She felt the smoothness of her freshly scrubbed face, and the faint peppermint smell of the soap she had used.

She felt the champagne’s warmth spread behind her sternum.

So she closed the story whose ending she already knew,

She stepped outside to see the size of the moon and feel the breeze

(and yes, to take care of her beloved dog).

And then she walked back inside,

Took off the glasses that had been perched on her nose,

And slipped under the covers and in between

The soft sheets.

Ready to dream

In pink champagne.

The Kiss


She is lying in her bed alone, gown bunched around her hips, hugging the 6’ long pillow that has been a part of her bedding since her first pregnancy, when her belly was too large to be comfortable.  Now it provides a whole different kind of comfort.


Still….she imagines being on her right side, propped up on an elbow, watching him sleep.  Hearing the soft inhale through his nose and little puff of exhale through his mouth as he lies on his back, right arm by his side and left hand resting on his chest.  She imagines tracing up and down each of his fingers with hers, drawing around his hand like a child draws one of those Thanksgiving turkeys.  The hair on his chest tickles her fingers, and he stirs a bit without waking when she brushes her hand over it.


She watches his adam’s apple move as he swallows, and she sees his tongue flick out to lick his lips.  Her hand is drawn to his face, where she uses her fingertip to touch his lips.  They purse slightly, and she stifles a giggle.  Then she traces the whirls of his ear, tugging a slightly at the lobe.


He opens his eyes and turns his head, smiling sleepily.  “Whatchoo want baby?” He said, stretching a bit but not moving his hand off his chest.


“I want you to kiss me,” she says, blushing slightly.


“You do?” He smiles again, this time with a twinkle in his eyes.


Bolder now, she wiggles her eyebrows and feels her eyes dilate.  “I do,” she says, her voice dropping half an octave.


Now he rolls to his side, and his right hand reaches for her.  “You’re so sexy,” he says.


“I am?” Her eyebrows raise.


“Oh please, you know you are,” he teases as his arm goes around her.


She rolls onto her back and he follows, covering her. “Then why don’t you kiss me?” she teases back.


Then his face lowers, and he does.  Oh my…he does…